Planned Giving… doing more and feeling better!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  – Dr. Seuss

Larry Amstutz - CopyThe good news is that 85% of Canadians give financially to charitable causes each year… so we do “care a whole awful lot”.  If you personally care about your communities, your family, and your neighbours, then it is most certainly true that you would “do more if you could”.

Planned Giving is about finding creative ways to “do more”… to make a more profound impact in the causes that you feel most passionately about.

My strongest charitable passion is to stand up and fight against cancer.  I lost my mom 14 years ago at age 65 to brain cancer, six short weeks after she was diagnosed; and my father 3 ½ years ago with lung cancer.  Fortunately my younger brother Ron survived lymphoma at age 25 and is now a 30 year survivor.  We need more stories like his, as I can’t imagine my life without him.

But let’s get back to Planned Giving for a minute.  Sometimes when we want to more we don’t have the immediate financial ability to do so. I’d like to share with you the Top 3 ways where it doesn’t cost you anything today:

  1. Leave a charitable gift through your Will. As I am getting closer to retirement my financial focus is on setting aside as much as I can for my future.  So it made sense for me to leave a gift in my will to the Canadian Cancer Society.  My estate will receive a charitable tax receipt when I die.
  2. Make a beneficiary designation on a RRSP or RRIF. Most people have invested in multiple RRSP’s, so you can choose one or more and make a registered charity the beneficiary.  This means that it is still useable to you but whatever is left when you die will be directly transferred to your charity.  This will qualify at that time for a charitable tax receipt.
  3. Find those “forgotten assets”. You may have an older life insurance policy that was taken out many years ago.  Likely it no longer is needed for your own use, but it is already paid up and is just tucked away and forgotten.  By transferring ownership of this unneeded policy you can make an immediate gift to your charity and could get an immediate charitable tax receipt.

Most importantly get good charitable and financial advice.  For more information please contact me at:

Larry Amstutz

604 675-7351


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