Selling Your Home

Decide when to sell:

In real estate, timing can influence your home’s selling price. Factors like how quickly you need to sell, whether it’s a buyers or sellers market and seasonality all play a role in your home’s final selling price.

Determine your home’s asking price:

The right asking price will attract buyers and pay you a maximum return. Setting too low a price means you could miss out on thousands of dollars. Setting too high a price will scare away buyers. Your goal is to find fair market value.

The importance of working with a REALTOR®:

  • Consult with you to clarify your needs, expectations and priorities.
  • Advise you and suggest any changes you might wish to make in your home is in order to ensure it is even more appealing to the Buyer and also how to prepare your home for showings.
  • Negotiate on your behalf for top dollar
  • Assist in all aspects of the sale including offering information on home inspections, mortgage contacts and lawyer closing procedures.
  • Access to important documents sometimes difficult to retrieve without a licence.

Preparing your home for sale:

General Maintenance Curb Appeal

  • Oil squeaky doors Cut lawns
  • Tighten doorknobs Trim shrubs and lawns
  • Replace burned out lights Weed and edge gardens
  • Clean and repair windows Pick up any litter
  • Tough up chipped paint Clear walk and driveway of leaves
  • Repair cracked plaster Repair gutters and eaves
  • Repair leaking taps and toilets Touch up exterior paint

Spic and Span The Buying Atmosphere

  • Shampoo carpets Be absent during showings
  • Clean washer and dryer and tubs Turn on all the lights
  • Clean furnace Light fireplace
  • Clean fridge and stove Open drapes in the day time
  • Clean and freshen bathrooms Play quiet background music
  • Keep pets outside

The First Impression

  • Clean and tidy entrance The Spacious Look
  • Functional doorbell Clear stairs and halls
  • Polish door hardware Store excess furniture
  • Clear counters and stove
  • Make closets neat and tidy


Set the Stage:

Appointments and Open Houses

BE NEAT – If you desire the optimum dollar for your home then your home must sparkle. Have you ever entered into a home where the beds were unmade, toys and clothes were strewn about, the garbage was overflowing on to the floor, and last night’s fish dinner was still evident in the air? Did you feel that this home was neglected? Probably. Would you be prepared to write a full price offer on this home? Not likely. The old axiom, “cleanliness is next to Godliness” couldn’t apply more.

BE OBLIGING – Once you have listed your home, keep it readied as best as you can. Make the beds and d the dishes before you go out. Realtors do try to give homeowners a reasonable period of time to prepare their home for viewings but sometimes this is not always possible. There will always be someone that will want to view it on the spur of the moment. It is best to try to accommodate clients because you do want as many buyers to view your home as possible. More buyers equate to more offers and higher prices. If you make your home difficult to show, especially in a Buyer’s market, some Realtors will not bother showing it. After all, you have lots of competition. Out-of-town buyers are sometimes unable to come back at a different time. Where at all possible, try to be obliging.

ODORS – Use air fresheners or potpourri in closets, bathrooms and the kitchen or where needed to remove cooking, musty or pet smells. Strong offensive odors in a home dissuade many a buyer from purchasing. Coffee brewing or cinnamon sticks on the stove are delightful camouflage.

MUSIC – Very soft background music can be pleasing. Be careful that you do not drown out the Realtors and the buyer’s conversation. Even Beethoven can be annoying if played too loudly.

LIT FIREPLACES – provide for a warm and friendly atmosphere in any home. If the weather is cold, snowy or wet, this extra touch is most pleasurable.

HEAT – Keep your home at a comfortable temperature even when you are at work. Buyers do not wish to linger in a frigid house. If you have air conditioning and the weather is warm and sultry, have it operating.

Lara Regan
Prudential Sussex Realty
My experience in real estate, combined with my outstanding negotiation skills and a thorough knowledge of the local Vancouver real estate market, enables me to offer you the highest caliber of advocacy, guidance and assistance.



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