Park it or Drive it

You have been an exemplary driver for 50 years time comes to consider letting someone else do the driving for you; an encouraging exercise would be to examine the dollars and cents.

It costs a lot to operate a car in Vancouver. You own a late model sedan. You buy annual auto insurance policy. There gas, repairs, tolls and parking. You will need a new set of snow tires this winter! Break it down-

Car value approx $3000 (Based on 2000 Toyota Corolla)

Annual insurance $1800 (Full 43% discount)

Fuel $ 500 (12 fill ups annually @ $1.30/liter)

Parking and Tolls $ 100

Maintenance $ 600 (Seasonal oil changes/belts and hoses)


If you were to use those funds to purchase personalized private accompaniment services you would have a budget of $500/month in the first year. Plus you could have a safe, comfortable and reliable way to get around town, how does a dedicated driver sound?

Home James

There are private options available. If you or a family member is interested in exploring the alternatives, have them call Home James Service for Seniors – where we are Opening Doors for Seniors. Personalized private accompaniment services like Home James can ensure that new non drivers can get out of the house and attend to errands, appointments and social events.

Mike Oakley
Owner/Director of Home James Service for Seniors
Phone: 604 928 7789


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