What Is A Funeral Director?

People know that a funeral home and its funeral directors assist families with preparing and providing final services, whether they are in the form of a funeral, memorial service, graveside service or direct cremation. But they do not know what a funeral director is and who they are as individual people.

A funeral director is a very special person; there can be no doubt about it. Who else deals with the subject of death, and ONLY the subject of death every single day? Most individuals and families in our society today are anxious about the subject of death. They will avoid the topic, and are unfortunately often completely uninformed on the topic. This is only made worse when a death occurs in their family. They don’t know who to call and have no idea of the steps involved in making the final arrangements.

The funeral director is a professional who is trained, not only to provide a service to the family, but who is also able to help guide the family; provide them with various options available, and walk with them throughout the decision making process. Imagine if you had to deal with death every single day of your life! It takes a special individual, filled with knowledge, professionally trained and certified, completely empathetic for the family, and with ultimate respect for the deceased.

The funeral director is your family’s professional ally to help guide you through the maze at such a very difficult time for the family. At Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services, our funeral directors will come to see you in your own home to help you understand the options available and guide you to make the decision that best suits your family. It is not just a more convenient approach, in that you don’t have to go to the funeral home. What is really means is that when you need to make such difficult decisions, you are in your own home, sitting around your kitchen table, under your own roof. It’s in your home that you are most comfortable and emotionally safe. Plus by being in your home, you remain in charge.

At Alternatives we pride ourselves on establishing this business model when we opened our doors in 1992. Virtually every family has and continues to tell us that being in their own home has made all the difference for their comfort, security and satisfaction. They have also told us they would not have anticipated how much of a difference it was for them by not having to go to a funeral home to make the arrangements.

There is a lot to know and we offer an educational presentation that is NOT a sales pitch. You learn about the procedures that must be followed when a death occurs in a hospital, care facility or a private residence. You also become familiar with the law with regard to who has the legal right to make decisions on behalf of the deceased. You’ll be informed regarding the options available for services; the important role the doctor has in the process; the difference between a death benefit and survivor’s benefit; and much more.

This one hour presentation is available at no charge for your organization, seniors residence, church, library or recreation centre, as well as for professional allies such as social workers and hospices.

If you are interested in either attending or hosting this very helpful and informative education presentation, please contact Michael Godin, Director Community Relations, at Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services at 604 857 5779.

Michael Godin
Director Community Relations
Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services
P: 604 857 5779


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