Old Friends

“Truly great friends are hard to find difficult to leave and impossible to forget….”


As we go through our daily routines, old acquaintances may come to mind. You may wonder how they are, where they are living and whether they had a family.

Occasionally the stars fall into position that reunites us with those soles under the most unexpected circumstances. I will relate a couple of true stories.

While driving Harvey home from the doctors and due to a tight schedule I pre- arranged to pick up Joan from her appointment at the dentists as well. Harvey waited in the car while I retrieved Joan and escorted her to the car. She commented that she thought she recognized Harvey sitting in the front seat. I made the standard introductions and then Joan announced that she knew Harvey. Harvey is blind but is excellent at recognizing voices. They both shrieked with joy. They used to be neighbors many years ago. They spent the balance of the trip catching up on whose-who!

Jack had advanced Parkinson’s disease and lived in a supported living facility. Communications with Jack were difficult at times as the disease had affected his speech. After an outing to his standard appointment he directed me into a residential neighborhood and a condo subdivision. I understood that he wanted to stop in the driveway of one of the units. He urged me to knock on the door while he waited in the car. Uncertain of the outcome I obliged. A confused elderly woman answered the door. I introduced myself and told her that Jack was waiting in the car to say hello. In a flash she vaulted the stair case and ran to the car in her stocking feet. There was an emotional reunion with hugs, kissed and tears. I later learned that they too had been neighbors for many years but had not seen each other since Jack moved into care.

To witness these unexpected reunions is special. Who do you think about from time to time but can’t bring yourself to pick up the phone? These chance meetings are rare; reconnect before an opportunity passes.

Mike Oakley
President of Home James Services for Seniors
E: mike@homejamesforseniors.ca
P: 604 928 7789


One thought on “Old Friends

  1. Nice story Mike!


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