Coconut Oil: A Remedy Source for Alzheimer’s Disease

As we know, currently there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Now, we’re not going to say it’s an absolute remedy, but coconut and palm kernel oils are known to be good sources of energy for the healthy brain, to keep away Alzheimer’s, and to restore the degenerated functions of the Alzheimer-affected brain.


Taking pure and unprocessed coconut and palm kernel oils may be good, because the liver converts them into ketone bodies, which the brain uses as an alternate source of energy instead of the common one, glucose. Simply put, for the brain that cannot process glucose into energy, it is able to process ketone bodies.

An important fact to be aware of is to make sure to regulate the consumption of these oils. Even coconut and palm kernel oils are high in saturated fats (about 92 per cent!) and saturated fats actually increase the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, so make sure you take only what you need (ask a doctor about the amount). However, consuming these oils may be positive, even though they are high in saturated fats; they are medium-chain fatty acids, which the body turns into ketone bodies instead of storing them, which is what the body does with animal fats that are considered long-chain fatty acids.

There are other cautions, even though we’re hopeful that consuming these oils for remedying Alzheimer’s will become a proven science, there is no solid evidence yet to prove they are. Also, when choosing coconut and palm kernel oils, make sure to read the label and do not choose the hydrogenated oils – they won’t do anything for you, except fill you with preservatives. Only choose virgin non-hydrogenated oils that are free of trans fats, which are actually beneficial.

Find out a safe measure of intake of these oils, it may help!

Karen 🙂

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