Through Time’s Eyes

Everybody has a story.  I have mine and I believe you have yours.  Some stories are funny, some are sad, some make us proud and some don’t.  BUT..I am sure that every single one of them is worth telling and worth an audience .  For my clients, who are usually seniors, I am that audience — I just love it.  These folks have all kinds of stories and knowledge.  They have lived through the wars, the Great Depression, the crises, and so many other world-changing events. They came from different communities and countries. They were farmers, businessmen, nurses and tradesmen.

Most of my clients are from back east, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal or sometimes, overseas. Whenever I meet new clients, I will ask them about their families, histories, and about how different lives were back then. I find it fascinating to know what life was like for my father in the 30’s and 40’s simply because unlike others, I have always lived in the lower mainland as did my father and his family.


Recently I had an opportunity to meet Harvey, an 85 year old gentleman who was raised in Burnaby and has always lived there. Surprisingly, Harvey’s family home was just a few blocks from mine. We even went to the same elementary school!  He just attended it forty years before I did.

I see him often and inevitably we talk about the way things were in the past; what Burnaby and Vancouver were like 75 years ago; how Still Creek and the Brunette River used to have trout in them. The Grandview Highway or Canada Way as it is now known did not exist. Douglas road was the route between New Westminster and Burnaby. Where now there are office towers there were forests and farms.

Harvey stayed in Burnaby his entire life and raised a family. He is now blind, but the man can still picture his family home, which still stands. He can describe all aspects of pre and post war Vancouver in great details. Through his memories, I can envision the life of my father and his family.

This is a story from home through times’ eyes; treasured memories.  What is your story?

Mike Oakley
President of Home James Services for Seniors
P: 604 928 7789


2 thoughts on “Through Time’s Eyes

  1. Yes, we all do have a story to tell, and some of us actually get those stories into computers, into print, or even to TV or Movie Theatres. Many don’t have the capacity to accomplish that, and there’s a niche here for someone with time, skills and a laptop!

    I recently, as a realtor of 3.5 decades, took a course (SRES) on how to help seniors make the transition from their home to another venue…be it an apartment, a room or suite in other family homes, or into Phased Care or a Nursing home.
    Curiosity drove me to find out what “they” were teaching realtors from other generations about how seniors think and relate to making such moves. I’ve always thought that ‘it takes one to know one’ but that’s not entirely the case. I’m only going to be 75 this coming July, so what do I know about what seniors think and how they deal with the concept of moving! In my world, I’m still in my 50’s….and now so are my own girls! Totally a different way of thinking. My kids are proud grandmothers and when I look in the mirror, this older person looks back at me and I don’t always recognize her. Sometimes she’s like my aunt, sometimes my Nan, and once in a while, my mother, now have moved on to another life.

    For me, pigeon holeing people based on age isn’t the total answer. Each person is an individual, with their own thoughts, feelings, tastes and comfort zones. And a sense of humour! 😉

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