Hang up the Spurs

Most senior drivers have been on the road for over 50 years. There are people in their 80 and 90’s that are perfectly capable drivers. And it is estimated that by 2020, one in four drivers in Canada will be 65 years of age or older.

Some seniors will recognize that their driving skills are diminishing. Poor reaction time, vision and hearing lose, that old stiff neck for the all important “shoulder check”. Occasionally they will pull the plug themselves!

For a family of a driving senior, there comes a time for that “discussion” with Mom or Dad.You may anticipate a fight. The logical argument would follow – “Dad, you have been an exemplary driver for 50 years; you don’t want to go out on a sour note”. Don’t you think it is time to HANG UP THE SPURS?

The stats show that the crash rate per km travelled starts to increase at age 65. Fatal crash rates rise sharply after age 70 and by 75 or 80 years old; the crash rate equals or surpasses teenage drivers.

There maybe signs before disaster strikes; unexplained dents or scratches in the old buggy. The law may intervene when an elder is weaving through the city streets. It maybe a warning, but the letter from the DMV will follow. You should know that the B.C. government’s monitors the driving fitness of all drivers, including seniors. A medical exam is required at regular intervals beginning at age 80.

The loss of freedom and independence is significant. Your Dad, an excellent driver for the big part of his life, now has to acquaint himself with the public transit system. That is a big challenge. And nothing is more demoralizing for him than asking friends of family for a ride. No worries. There are private options available. If you or a family member is interested in exploring the alternatives, have them call Home James Service for Seniors – where we are Opening Doors for Seniors. Personalized private accompaniment services like Home James can ensure that non drivers can get out of the house and attend to errands, appointments and social events.  If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to drop a comment below or call 604 928 7789 for a free consultation!

Mike OakleyMike Oakley
President at Home James Services for Seniors

“HOME James provides transportation and accompaniment services to primarily seniors and also persons challenged with mobility, visual or cognitive impairments. If you are a member of “The Sandwich Generation”, as I am, you may not only have the responsibility of bringing up your children, but also as care-giver for your parents. The challenges with this dual responsibility can be daunting. HOME James helps with personalized solutions to support seniors and their families.”


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